Study of the interfacial properties of nanostructured systems

The peculiar nanoscale morphology of cluster-assembled nanostructured materials strongly affects the interfacial properties of thin films, which typically possess high surface area.

We study the evolution of the surface morphology of cluster-assembled nanostructured materials, identifying the morphological parameters (roughness, correlation length, aspect ratio, asperity pattern,..) that most likely affect the interfacial properties of the thin films.  Simple scaling laws, such as those of the ballistic deposition regime, govern this evolution, which makes SCBD very suitable for the preparation of rough interfaces with controlled morphology.

We investigate the dependance of surface wettability, electric, mechanical (including friction and adhesion), and other interfacial properties of thin nanostructured films on nanoscale morphological parameters.

Referent: Alessandro Podestà

Participants: Francesca Borghi