Study of the mechanical properties of cells, tissues, and ECMs in health and disease

The mechanical and morphological properties of living cells and their microenvironment (the extracellular matrix - ECM) have been shown to correlate with cellular fate and patho-physiological state. This research activity aims at investigating the mechanical markers of both the healthy and pathological state of cells and tissues, in view of the development of novel early-diagnostic strategies. Atomic force microscopy -based nanomechanics is a powerful tool for the characterisation of the mechanical properties of soft matter, including cells, tissues, and ECMs. This activity takes advantage from previous (COST Action TD1002), and present (MSCA-ITN Phys2BioMed, EU H2020 FET-OPEN EDIT) extended collaborations of CIMAINA with other groups at European level (including hospitals).

Referent: Alessandro Podestà

Participants: Carsten Schulte, Matteo Chighizola, Luca Puricelli, Massimiliano Galluzzi