Cluster-assembled materials for solar energy conversion

Materials assembled by the low kinetic energy deposition of clusters formed in the gas-phase show highly controllable properties (e.g. crystallinity, stoichiometry, surface roughness and porosity) thus representing systems of major relevance towards the development of technologies for solar energy conversion. Here, cluster-assembling in high-vacuum is used (i) to produce semiconductive thin films based on both metal oxides (e.g. TiO2 and WO3) and quaternary compounds (e.g. CZTS), to (ii) study the structural, electrical, optical and interfacial properties of porous nanocrystalline seminconductors, and to develop (iii) prototypical devices for photovoltaics and photoelectrochemical water splitting.

Referent: Paolo Piseri

Participants: Luca Bettini,...