Study and control of mechanotransductive and differentiative processes modulated by the cell/nanotopography interactions

We explore how cellular interaction with and sensing of different microenvironmental nanotopographies influences essential cellular parameter relevant for mechanotransductive signalling (such as e.g. integrin clustering, cytoskeletal organisation and nanomechanical properties) and how this eventually impacts on the cellular differentiation, program and fate. To get a comprehensive in-depth understanding of these processes and their mechanistic interdependence, we utilise a highly interdisciplinary approach merging versatile advanced imaging techniques (including electron, optical and atomic force microscopy), label-free shotgun (phospho)proteomics and methods to examine cellular functioning (e.g. electrophysiological recordings). We have a special focus on neuronal cells but also other cellular systems are studied (e.g. mesenchymal stem cells).

Referent: Carsten Schulte

Participants: Serena Ortoleva, Matteo Chighizola, Francesca Borghi, Claudio Piazzoni, Alessandro Podestà, Cristina Lenardi, Paolo Milani.