Special Issue "Nanoparticles for Photovoltaics" on Nanomaterials journal

September 18, 2018
Referent: Marcel Di Vece

A special issue of Nanomaterials (ISSN 2079-4991).Special Issue Editor Guest Editor:
Prof. Marcel Di Vece,
Associate professor, Department of Physics, Milano University, Italy
Phone: 0039 02503 17255

Over the past several decades, photovoltaic (PV) technologies have demonstrated continuous progress and cost reduction. Nevertheless, PV technologies currently only provide for approximately 1% of the global energy consumption, and considerable gains can be achieved when the solar panels become more efficient and much cheaper. Although highly efficient solar cells are currently available, high manufacturing cost prevents these solar energy devices from obtaining a larger share of the energy market. Therefore, producing highly efficient solar cells with low-cost materials and techniques is highly desirable. Novel methods should be able to increase the efficiency of solar cells made of conventional and new materials in a realistic manner. From the solar cell fabrication point of view, a simple, fast, low-temperature, and clean process is required for such novel methods. This makes bottom-up methods such as the use of nanoparticles realistic and important, and therefore the focus of this Special Issue is on “Nanoparticles for Photovoltaics”.

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