MSc Project: Nanoparticles for Hydrogen Storage

The most urgent scientific challenges are currently related to the climate and its rapid change. By our intensive use of fossil fuels, great harm has been done to the climate, which should be stopped and reversed. Therefore alternative energy, which includes sources like the sun or wind, and energy storage, such as with hydrogen, need to be developed.  

In this project we want to improve the hydrogen storage in metals. Hydrogen is a clean and abundantly available energy carrier, which could help reducing the CO2 emissions on a global scale.  Metal hydrides are an interesting form to store hydrogen in a quick and safe way. Unfortunately the thermodynamic properties are still not optimal for large scale use, which forms a research challenge. By going to the nanoscale, metal particles could have more favourable thermodynamic properties which enable hydrogen transfer and storage at room temperature [1]. For example Mg [2] and Al are currently topic of investigations, which could be performed with our nanoparticles source. Since metal hydrides often change optical transmission and colour upon hydrogen absorption [3], an optical investigation will be performed on the nanoparticles with hydrogen.

If you would like to know more about the possibilities then you can contact: Dr Marcel Di Vece, marcel.divece@unimi.it


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Referent: Marcel Di Vece